Our Vision

The pioneering global humanitarian hub.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead an intergovernmental global network of humanitarian hubs in preparedness and response to world crises, while proactively collaborating using innovation, communication and actionable knowledge, to save lives. We support the global humanitarian network, connecting with governments and global partners, to maximise our collective impact in sustainable humanitarianism.

Our Purpose

Dubai Humanitarian has an unwavering commitment to positively impact humanity and uphold human dignity. We enable the global humanitarian community, through innovation, collaboration, and connection, to build a more sustainable future for all people.

Brand Values


Taking a proactive and resourceful leadership role in creating powerful connections and driving bold thinking that saves more lives.


Providing systems and structure to international humanitarian organizations, allowing rapid response and co-ordinated efforts to any situation.


Curating collaboration and facilitating connection with partners to bring together the global humanitarian community.


Using technology and innovation to revolutionize systems and processes to create sustainable positive impact for all humanity in need.