Dubai Humanitarian FAQs

Can I volunteer at Dubai Humanitarian? Do you provide volunteering opportunities?

Unfortunately, Dubai Humanitarian does not offer volunteering opportunities, however some of our members If you keep an eye out for posting on our “work with our members” page something may come up, or you can contact our members directly for volunteering.

Can I work with Dubai Humanitarian?

All job opportunities with Dubai Humanitarian or our members are posted on our “Job Opportunities” page.

Do you provide financial aid for individuals or organization?

No, we are not able to provide any financial aid to individuals or organizations. We support humanitarian operations of our members and respond to emergencies.

Can you send my message to [Member]?

Please write your request to our partnership team at

How do I join Dubai Humanitarian?

  • Individuals: keep an eye out on our “Job Opportunities” page for any vacancies.
  • Organizations: Take a look at the pages under “Free Zone Members” where you will find information on the types of membership packages and the benefits available as well as the contact information to submit your request to.

Why was our organization rejected?

The membership process involves multi layered authorities’ approvals for due diligence and approval. If organizations do not pass, they are rejected.

I am from the media and would like to request [interview/ filming/ podcast/ radio/ photography/ event invitation/ more information about Dubai Humanitarian
/other] who do I contact?

Feel free to email the communications team at

I have a question not answered here who can I ask?

Feel free to email any queries you have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.