The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), with the support of the Rotary Clubs of the UAE and several corporate and media partners, are launching a global fundraising and awareness campaign enabling the public to double their online donations to WFP throughout the Holy Month.

The Rotary Clubs of the UAE are joining forces and mobilising their networks to raise enough funds to match all donations made to WFP through wfp.org.

WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide with nearly half of its total beneficiaries in Muslim countries. WFP’s largest operations are in Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen and Indonesia.

This initiative echoes last year’s success of WFP’s first-ever Ramadan campaign that was launched out of Dubai and raised enough funds to provide 400,000 school meals to children in need across the Middle East. Planned on a broader scale this year, the campaign will involve several WFP offices around the world with the ultimate objective to create a chain of solidarity across all Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries. A dedicated print and online worldwide campaign will kick off at the beginning of the holy month in support of families who want to celebrate Ramadan but simply do not have enough food to break their fast.

Several communications partners are backing the campaign in the MENA region. This includes JWT Kuwait, Pirana, EmailCiti and Socialize Agency.

“For hundreds of thousands of families celebrating Ramadan this month, Iftar is just a distant dream,” said Elise Bijon, WFP Partnerships & Business Development Manager for the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. “We are calling on everyone; individuals and corporations, to join the fight against world hunger this Ramadan and help families around the world break their fast.”

“The Rotary was alongside WFP for its first Ramadan campaign, and we decided to extend our support this year by involving more clubs, members and engaging our respective individual and professional networks in this crucial cause. The Rotary and WFP are two leading international non-profit organizations, who have in common a passionate energy and a go-getter attitude,’said Mr. Ahmad Belselah, President of the Rotary Club of Jumeirah. “Ramadan is a precious opportunity to feel, with our bodies and hearts, a connection with the world’s hungry poor. Our commitment to match all donations made online to WFP will hopefully encourage more people to support WFP this Ramadan.”

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