Udhiya Report

Life for Relief and Development just completed the most successful Uhiyah/Qurbani campaign in its 19 year history.
With the blessings of Allah (SWT) and the generosity of its donors, more than 1 million people benefited from the distribution of fresh meat from animals sacrificed during the days of Eid ul Adha.
Life staff spent all 4 days of Eid ul Adha sacrificing animals and distributing meat to the poor and needy in several cities and villages throughout each country of operation. All of the recipients were very happy to receive their share of meat on Eid.

In many countries, families wait in anticipation for Eid to arrive so they can receive fresh meat because they are so poor they cannot afford to buy meat and Eid is the only time of year that they eat meat. This is a very happy time of celebration for everyone.
With the declining economy and loss of jobs in the US, many families are struggling to put food on their tables. This year with the help of the Islamic Center of Detroit (ICD), Hamtramck Community, Al-Salam Masjid, Dix Masjid, Saad Masjid, American Muslim Diversity Association (AMDA) and the Islamic Cultural Institute (ICI), over 7,600 needy people received fresh meat in the US.
Life wants to express thanks to the many donor’s in the US and throughout the world that contributed to the success of this year’s Udhiya/Qurbani campaign. Your willingness to make your sacrifices in the countries where Life is working to provide assistance to the poor and needy made this year’s campaign such a success.
Below is a country-by-country report on the number of people that benefitted from Life’s 2011/1432 Udhiyah/ Qurbani Campaign:

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